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Iowa: Man Busted On Way To Party With 20 Bags of Weed; Tells Cops Women Like Marijuana

(Photo: The Des Moines Register)By Steve Elliott
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An Iowa man who was arrested Friday night for allegedly having 20 bags of marijuana had an interesting answer for police.

Robbie Lee Sykes, 27, of Des Monies, told an officer he was going to a "twerk fest" at the Marquee. "Girls like marijuana," Sykes allegedly told the cop, adding that he was hoping to "pick up some girls" at the dance party, the police report states, according to The Des Moines Register.

Sykes was pulled over shortly before midnight for allegedly crossing the center line on Walnut Street. Sykes told the officer he had a gun on his lap and had a weapons permit, the police report states.

After allegedly smelling marijuana in the car, the officer searched Sykes and found "20 bags" (no word on how much was in each bag -- grams? eighths?) of marijuana, a rolled blunt, $100 in cash and a .40-caliber handgun, in addition to the .38-caliber revolver Sykes had in his lap, according to the police report.

(Photo: The Des Moines Register)

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