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Washington: 'Prohibition Brands' Marijuana Company Launches With Cheesy TV Ad


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A cringe-inducing television commercial has kicked off the drive toward building a retail marijuana empire in Washington state, if a Seattle-based entrepreneur has his way.

The corny advertisement and the planned company are the brainchildren of Brian Laoruangroch, 29, president of Prohibition Brands Marijuana Blending Co., reports Eleazar David Melendez at The Huffington Post. He wants to mass produce joints and blunts and market them in Washington (where voters approved limited marijuana legalization measure I-502 last November) and in Colorado (where voters approved slightly better, but still limited legalization measure Amendment 64 at the same time).

Laoruangoch's company, so far, exists mostly in his mind, but he's telling potential investors "Our smokable marijuana products can be compared to the marijuana version of a Marlboro cigarette or a bottle of Budweiser."

The the commercial, Laoruangroch himself plays the role of a cartoonish cowboy. Along with two scantily clad women and a disconcertingly penis-like puppet horse, he touts the "Green Rush" around cannabis and woos investors.

"I thought that the two most important things for an ad were to make something comical, number one, and number two, it's no secret that sex sells," Laoruangroch told The Huffington Post. "So we found two really comical girls and a really sexy cowboy." (At least the dude has a sense of humor!)

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