Massachusetts: Harborside's DeAngelo Brothers Make It To Final Round With Marijuana Dispensary Application


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Steve and Andrew DeAngelo of California's Harborside Health Center have made it to the final round of the application process to operate a medical marijuana dispensary and separate cultivation facility in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts has released a list of 100 applicants who made it to the final round of the permitting process, and Andrew DeAngelo is listed as head of Green Heart Holistic Health and Pharmaceuticals Inc., which wants to open a dispensary in Boston, reports the Marijuana Business Daily. Steve DeAngelo, executive director of Harborside, is reportedly playing an active role in Green Heart.

Green Heart has arranged a lease for a cultivation facility at 10 Industrial Way in Amesbury, reports Mac Cerullo at the Eagle-Tribune. Another firm, Alternative Therapies Group Inc., had already applied to grow marijuana in Amesbury; neither group wants to open a dispensary in the town, saying they hope to open separate dispensaries elsewhere.

Green Heart executives recently sent a letter to members of the Amesbury City Council introducing themselves; in the letter, Steve DeAngelo and vice president Dan Houston said no marijuana would be sold in Amesbury, and that the cultivation facility would be guarded 24 hours a day and provided with the latest surveillance systems.

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